European Destinations with a Difference

Now that the European seasonal flights are well under way, don’t just set your sights on the capitals and the well known cultural cities but think further afield to the mediterranean hot spots, places like Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Turkey to name but a few.

During the summer, Vancouver is connected to the hub airports of Europe by charter flights.  These include the usual cities like, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam.  However, there are some new destinations too.  Zurich opens up the breathtaking sights of Switzerland, as well as Dusseldorf for Germany and Central Europe.  The latest addition is Dublin for southern Ireland – original draft Guinness is closer than you think.

So what Mediterranean countries have you always wanted to visit but thought that they were always out of your reach?  Well, no they’re not.  How about the Spanish Costas?  For example, Costa Dorada (Salou airport), which boasts one of Europe’s largest theme parks called Port Aventura. Possibly the spanish Canary Islands, such as Tenerife. You will find luxury spas, new theme parks, designer shops, cosmopolitan marinas, and the last word in hotels; these draw visitors to the island’s stylish south while ecologically minded and active travellers come to discover the lush forests, small coastal towns, and the mountain villages of the North. All these “destinations with a difference” can be booked from Canada.

So forget the usual vacation spots like Mexico and the Caribbean, be the envy of your friends when you show them your holiday photos with a “difference”.  I grew up holidaying at these Mediteranean destinations and many others, so go on pick my brains, I will be happy to recommend some of these destintions to you based on what you’re looking for.

Rainbow Travel Blog - Mount Teide

Rainbow Travel Blog - Mount Teide

Rainbow Travel Blog - Port Aventura

Rainbow Travel Blog - Port Aventura


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