Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits – 17 November 2008


Tip #6

When traveling to beaches, always make sure to bring talc (baby) powder. It is a miracle worker in getting rid of the sand (especially w/children*) and of course, then you always smell nice. * Not recommended for babies and very small children.


Tip #7

One thing I always tell my clients, is put a copy of your name, phone number, and where you will be inside your luggage. You never know when the one you have outside tears off.


Tip #8

Here’s a tip……………..how to help my clients deal with the new changes of airlines charging now for more than 1 bag! Tell them to roll their clothes when packing, as not only do they wrinkle less, but you can
pack more into one bag!


Tip #9

A good suggestion for anyone travelling is to avoid being a target of crime. Do not wear conspicuous clothing or jewelry and do not carry excessive amounts of money.  Also, do not leave unattended luggage in public areas and do not accept packages from strangers.


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