Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits – 23 December 2008

I apologize for the gap in my blog posts this month.  I was editing this a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to publish it. I just realized when I started writing the next post today.  So here it is…the topics are “Your Health” and “Wi-fi Availability”.

Stay Healthy Whilst you are on Vacation!


Every year more and more people travel for either vacation, business, and volunteerism, and to visit friends and family. Whatever your reason for traveling, you need to  be Proactive, Prepared, and Protected when it comes to your health—and the health of others—while you are traveling.

Be Proactive!

Take steps to anticipate any issues that could arise during your trip.

Be Prepared!

No one wants to think about getting sick or hurt during a trip, but sometimes these things happen. You may not be able to prevent every illness or injury, but you can plan ahead to be able to deal with them.

Be Protected!

It is important to practice healthy behaviors during your trip and after you return home.

Free Wi-Fi At These Airports


Isn’t it frustrating, youv’e arrived at the airport at the correct check-in time only to find out that your flight has been delayed by two hours. Well maybe things aren’t that bad, at least you have your laptop or Blackberry so you have a chance to catch up woth some office work or e-mail. You sit down, get comfortable, open your laptop, search for a wi-fi network and guess what comes up, a prompt for “User ID and Password”.  Is there nothing free in this world!

Here is a list of the most popular airports with FREE WI-FI and I am pleased to say my home airport of Vancouver is on the list, way to go Vancouver!


  • Banff Airporter office area – Calgary, Alberta
  • Halifax International airport – center court area on the main level and between gates 20-15 on the departures level of the Air Terminal Building – Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Dryden Regional Airport – Dryden, Ontario
  • Fredericton Airport – Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • St. John’s International Airport – St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • Quebec Airport – Quebec City, Quebec
  • Expedia Restaurant – Air Canada Terminal – Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver International Airport – Vancouver, British Columbia

For a full list of airports I have provided the link:   http://www.wififreespot.com/airport.html

The airlines have also come to their senses and provided internet connection for the businessman on the move, I have listed below the most frequently used carriers in North America, but most of them require that you belong to their frequent flyers club allowing you use of their member lounges:

  • American Airlines Admirals Clubs – must enter a valid club card number to get access.
  • United Airlines – Service in the airline’s 27 Red Carpet Clubs and 5 International First Class lounges is free for members.
  • Continental Airlines offers Free wireless high speed internet access to members in 22 Presidents Club locations in major airports around the USA.
  • Northwest WorldClubs
  • Alaska Airlines Clubs

Wi-Fi on Your Flight


Alaska Airliines is planning to provide wireless internet on their aircraft. The technology will provide customers with a unique entertainment and business network at 35,000 feet. Passengers with Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as laptop computers, PDAs, smartphones and portable gaming systems, will have high-speed access to the Internet, e-mail, virtual private networks and stored inflight entertainment content.


I saved the best for last, our national character Air Canada says YES to Wi-Fi and NO to cellphone. Travellers will be able to click their way onto Air Canada’s new Wi-Fi service next spring as the carrier teams with Aircell LLC to install a mobile network. The Montreal-based airline will start with two 120-seat Airbus A319s, charging $12.95 plus tax for each passenger who connects wirelessly to the Internet while flying between Toronto and two destinations in California – Los Angeles and San Francisco. Air Canada then plans to gradually roll out Aircell’s “Gogo” system across its fleet in North America. Air Canada won’t be enabling “cellphone voice usage,” arguing that the cabin in the sky is one the “last bastions of solitude” away from being bombarded by cell conversations in everyday life.

Published by rainbowtravel

SIX SECRETS REVEALED ! 1. 26 years experience in the travel and tourism industry, combined knowledge of all of our agents at Rainbow Travel over 40 years from destinations accross the globe.   2. I have tried my hand at every facet of travel from Travel Agent to Tour Operator to Pier Supervisor for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines & Celebrity, Port Manager for N.C.L.Cruises, Customer Services Agent N.W.A. at YVR and Flight Attendant for Skyservice Airlines.The only thing I haven't done is drive a train, but there is time for that.   3. I have travelled to every major country in Europe and I am from "The World In One City", Liverpool and from there I was the number two operator in the N.W. of England for day trips by air to European cities.   4.Thanks to Skyservice Airlines my Customer Services Manager role on board their aircraft sent me South to destinations in Mexico such as Cancun, Mazatlan, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta. Caribbean destinations as well including Montego Bay, Puerto Plata & Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Liberia (Costa Rica), Varadero & Havana (Cuba) as well as Las Vegas and every major Canadian city so my product knowledge is extensive for the Canadian charter market.     5. I am a champion net-worker being a member of B.N.I. which is a professional marketing organization specializing in word-of-mouth referrals. The BNI model relies on a business networking strategy that generates business referrals within many diverse networks. This enables me to recommend other business professions that are just as dedicated as Rainbow Travel is to customer service.   6. Rainbow Travel is actively participating in the world of Social Media. This means that we regularly Twitter, Blog and post newsletters and amazing deals to our client database.     7. Ask me about cruise ships, I have handled them all at Canada Place for the Alaska Season, Holland America (Zaandam, Ryndam, Westerdam, Oosterdam), R.C.I. (Radiance), Celebrity (Infinity & Summit), NCL (Sun, Wind, Star).  

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