Travel News Allsorts

In the past month, I’ve come across a few interesting travel related articles that might be of interest to you all:

Aon France is offering sunshine insurance through french travel agencies, Pierre et Vacances and FranceLoc. If vacationers encounter at least 4 days of rain in a week, they can submit a claim for part of their holiday cost. Here’s the link to the press release by Aon France.

Air France has implemented a new luggage policy that allows sports equipment to be included in the free luggage allowance.  For example, bicycles, golf bags, diving equipment,  and skis. Visit their website for further details.

Pet Airways has launched. Dog and cat owners can now rejoice that weekly routes are now available between Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Baltimore, and New York City with one fares starting at $149. What makes Pet Airways unique is that your loved flies in the safety and comfort of the main cabin, not in cargo, where they are monitored regularly throughout the flight.

Air New Zealand continues to make waves with their latest marketing campaign, The Matchmaking Flight. They hope that passengers will find that special person through this special experience. Canadian singles will depart Vancouver for Los Angeles on October 13th and then transfer on to the matchmaking flight to Auckland.  The matchmaking flight will include free party snacks, open bar, speed dating and other games.

A few  months ago, Air New Zealand came out with a really cheeky commercial to show that their staff have nothing to hide.  This was followed up by another video about onboard safety. Most people ignore the safety video and demo on air planes, this hopefully will encourage people to watch theirs.


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