How to Avoid the Middle Seat

Rainbow Travel Blog - Don't want to get stuck with the middle seat?

Rainbow Travel Blog - Don't want to get stuck with the middle seat?

I started a 3 part series in my travel agency’s October  newsletter with suggestions on what you can do if you get stuck with the middle seat. Today’s blog post is about how to avoid the middle seat on a flight. 

– Provide your travel consultant with your seating preference. Most travel agencies will ask clients to fill out a Customer Information / Preferences form. This is your opportunity to list the frequent flier programs you are enrolled in, your seating preferences, etc.

– Whether you book with your travel consultant or online, find out the seating plan on the flight before making the reservation.

– Book your flight as early as possible.

– Double check your e-ticket for a seating assignment. Take a moment to refer to a plane seating chart just for peace of mind.

– Reconfirm all details with the service agent if booking over the phone.

– If you book online, most websites allow passengers to select their seats.

– At the airport, before you leave the check-in desk, make sure your boarding pass lists the seating assignment.

– Don’t check-in too late because you already have your preferred seating assignment. Reserved seats are released at a predefined time prior to departure in the event of no shows.

– If only middle seats are available for your flight, ask the agent at the check-in counter for the middle seat between 2 people with the same surname. They are usually family members hoping to claim the row to themselves. Usually, if you split them up, they will offer to trade for either the window or the aisle seat.

If you have any suggestions on how to avoid the middle seat, please share them. I’m going to end the series with how to make the best of being stuck in the middle seat.


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