Coping with the Middle Seat

Airplane Seat

Rainbow Travel Inc - Sitting in the middle?

Today’s post ends our series about the dreaded Middle Seat, how to cope if you get stuck with it.

* Get to the seat early and politely assume the armrests to assert your personal space.  Your seatmates by the window and aisle already have their own space on their respective sides.

* Store as much of your personal belongings in your checked luggage or the overhead bins instead of under the seat in front of you. This maximizes the space you can stretch out.

* Be considerate of your seatmates.  Get up from your seat early in the flight to use the lavatory or stretch your legs before your seatmates settle in to the onboard movie, starts reading their book/newspaper/magazine, etc, or takes a nap.

* Make yourself comfortable. Listen to music with your earphones, slip on your eye mask, take a nap, or read a book. This also serves to discourage interaction with a chatty and/or nosy seatmate, unless that’s what you want.

* Just resign yourself to the situation, it’s not worth getting angry and frustrated.  You know it won’t be fun or comfortable so just make the best of it.  Try to practice the relaxation or meditation techniques you’ve read about.

I’ve listed a few helpful links below:

Here are a couple of useful links for details about airplane seating charts:

* SeatGuru by TripAdivsor

* SeatExpert

Next week, I’ll post the first article in this series about the Middle Seat that was published in last month’s newsletter, “What you can do if you get stuck with the middle seat”.


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