Cancun Bounces Back!

Cancun Bounces Back! As we all know Cancun’s beaches have been slowly eroding away but only became obvious after Hurricane Gilbert occurred, there is evidence that the hurricane effects are not the origin of the erosion. The hurricane only worsened a process that existed for a long time, probably due to the inadequate and excessiveContinue reading “Cancun Bounces Back!”

Key West Is Closer Than You Think

Key West is an incredibly diverse tropical island. It is America’s most talked-about resort. My first experience of the island of Key West was a port stop on my Norwegian Cruise Line Caribbean adventure, like the other 660,000 cruise ship passengers who visit Key West every year to experience the beauty & zaniness that makesContinue reading “Key West Is Closer Than You Think”

Solo Travelers Rewarded At Last

Club Med welcomes solo travelers with specially reduced rates! At last the single traveler is being taken seriously by tour companies. Club Med, one of the original innovators of the All Inclusive concept recognizes the importance of people traveling on their own and being charged a fair rate for their vacation. Enjoy an all-inclusive vacationContinue reading “Solo Travelers Rewarded At Last”