Air fares to soar in wake of ash crisis

Air fares to soar in wake of ash crisis. Air fares are forecast to rise by more than five per cent this year in the wake of the Icelandic volcanic ash crisis and increasing oil prices. From a study made in the UK travelers can expect to pay an additional £1.8 billion or £48 eachContinue reading “Air fares to soar in wake of ash crisis”

McCartney Leaving EMI For Concord After Nearly 5 Decades

McCartney Leaving EMI For Concord 4/23/2010 9:47 AM  ET   (RTTNews) –  Paul McCartney is parting ways with record company EMI, ending a run of nearly five decades. The singer will reportedly transfer his rights for post-Beatles music to independent record company Concord Music. “Since the release of Memory Almost Full in 2007 I’ve had a goodContinue reading “McCartney Leaving EMI For Concord After Nearly 5 Decades”

Ash Alert: Updated airline advisories Friday 23rdApril2010

Ash Alert: Updated airline advisories. Air Canada advises that it plans to operate a full schedule of 40 flights from Canadian cities and the following destinations in Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Rome, as well as Tel Aviv. Some airspace restrictions continue to be in place as a result of the spread ofContinue reading “Ash Alert: Updated airline advisories Friday 23rdApril2010”


UK AIRSPACE RE-OPENS Flights from UK airports will be able to resume from 22.00 this evening BST. Much of the UK airspace will re-open in phases, the Department for Transport said. “Most of the skies over the UK has been closed to commercial airliners due to the volcanic ash plume over the UK. “There willContinue reading “UK AIRSPACE RE-OPENS”

Ash Cloud Permits Some European Flights To Resume.

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, April 20  – A new ash cloud spewed from a volcano in Iceland forced Britain to ground flights and operate a nearly flight-free zone Tuesday. Limited air services began operating in Scotland and Newcastle, but aviation officials scrapped plans to reopen the rest of Britain’s airspace as a new ash cloud moved toward theContinue reading “Ash Cloud Permits Some European Flights To Resume.”

Breaking News Ash Cloud, Which Airports Are Open So Far?

EU airport status: flights remain interrupted 06h00 EST THE National Air Traffic Service’s (NATS) latest statement on the Icelandic volcanic eruption – based on the latest information from the Met Office, advises that the current restrictions across UK controlled airspace remain in place until 01h00 (local time) on Tuesday, April 20. Conditions around the movementContinue reading “Breaking News Ash Cloud, Which Airports Are Open So Far?”

Ash cloud: Scottish airports May open tomorrow?

Ash cloud: Scottish airports to open tomorrow Monday, April 19, 2010 The Sabre Flight Explorer map above shows the extent of the ash cloud, in red, over Europe at 7pm last night.Straight blue lines show flight routes being used, with A and B being the only two in or out of northern Europe, which areContinue reading “Ash cloud: Scottish airports May open tomorrow?”

U.K. Airspace Closed Until 0600 GMT Sunday!

Scientists are warning that activity at the volcano in Iceland has increased and showed no sign of abating —which would seem to be causing more travel chaos to come. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight and that the situation is unlikely to change in the coming days. Scientists say that because the volcano is situated belowContinue reading “U.K. Airspace Closed Until 0600 GMT Sunday!”

Volcanic Ash Causes U.K. Airport Chaos.

More disruption to B.A. flights but this time not due to cabin crew action, this time it’s a natural disaster. Airports in the U.K. and northern Europe shut down as a cloud of volcanic ash swept south from an eruption in Iceland, disrupting travel for thousands of people booked on flights. U.K. airspace is closedContinue reading “Volcanic Ash Causes U.K. Airport Chaos.”