4 Of the Best TSA Approved Locks For Your Checked Bags.

With ever-increasing security measures being taken at airports across the globe, it’s more important now than ever for passengers to be able to fly with peace of mind-especially when it comes to securing valuables with TSA-approved locks.

PROSAFE 750, PACSAFE: $12.99 www.pacsafe.com

Great for those of us who forget lock combinations it uses a key card which is inserted into the bottom of the lock, passengers can automatically open the lock without having to remember any numbers or codes. If you are unfortunate enough to lose both of the key cards a replacement can be requested from Pacsafe if you remember to keep a note of the key-card code.


This combination lock is resettable and is ideal for those of us who want to know if their bags have been tampered with. A tiny security window on the front of the lock will change colour from green to red if the lock has been opened by TSA. If the TSA fails to place a notification of baggage inspection or security seal on the inspected bag, a report can be filed with the airlines baggage claim to report any stolen or missing items.

BOOMERANGIT TSA LUGGAGE LOCK, SAFE SKIES: $14.99 www.safeskieslocks.com

If your bag goes missing your unique luggage lock I.D. can be used to track it down with Boomerangit who operate a global lost-and-found return service that works in co-operation with law enforcement and other agencies to return lost property items to owners. So never wait in line again at the airline baggage claim office. By inspecting the small security window you can check if your bag has been inspected as it changed from green to orange. A lifetime Boomerangit return service (a $10 value) is complimentary, just don’t lose your set of keys! 

4688 PADLOCK, MASTER LOCK: $9.60 www.masterlock.com

This classic combination lock features a flexible cable loop that is easy to thread through bags which have weird shaped zippers. A limited lifetime warranty is offered and Master Lock, the brand is well-known globally, just have a little patience when opening and closing the loop as it can sometimes be tricky to secure and release.

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2 responses to “4 Of the Best TSA Approved Locks For Your Checked Bags.

  1. Very informative. I was always wondering which one is the best.

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