Today’s Travel Snipits.

Today’s Travel Snipits.


It's now even easier to visit Myanmar

Visa on arrival in Myanmar  

Great news and especially for our travel agency manager, Thant who is Burmese and has family still in the country. Now visitors to Myanmar will be able to purchase their visas upon arrival at international airports in Mandalay and Yangon. Visas will cost 30USD and will be valid for 28 days. Let’s hope that this initiative will have a positive impact on the number of tourist arrivals to the country.  

Greece transport hit by general strike.   


Greek Strike

Test for Greek Govt

TRANSPORT in Greece has come to a standstill following a nationwide general strike in protest against planned spending cuts and tax rises.

Planes, trains and ferries are at a standstill as transport workers joined public workers in their 48-hour strike that started yesterday.

According to media reports flights in and out of Greece stopped at midnight, while trains and ferries were not running in the morning.


The Greece government over the weekend agreed that it would cut spending and hike taxes in return for US$143 billion loan from euro zone countries and the International Monetary fund.


The government now plans to cut 13 and 14th month bonus pay for civil servants and retirees and raise the retirement age for women to 65, the same age as required by men for pension payouts. 

Mass protests are planned in Athens before passing through the city. 

Schools and hospitals are also expected to remain shut. 

Disney debuts “World of Color” 


Downtown Disney

Disney’s California Adventure Park will debut the newest nighttime spectacular “World of Color” on June 11. The show is choreographed with revolutionary technology that creates a playful, nighttime spectacular and a new way to experience Disney stories. 

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