Rainbow Travel Blog 27May10

Airline Travel Advisories.

British Airways 


The following flights in and out of London Heathrow to Canadian cities are showing as cancelled up to June 4 as of 01h00 EST May 27: 

May 27 – June 4 BA0099 LHR/YYZ
May 27 – 28 BA0103 LHR/YYC
May 30 – June 3 BA0103 LHR/YYC
May 27 – BA0087 LHR/YVR
May 29 – June 3 BA0087 LHR/YVR 

May 27 – June 4 BA0098 YYZ/LHR
May 27 – 30 BA0102 YYC/LHR
June 1 – June 4 BA0102 YYC/LHR
May 28 BA0084 YVR/LHR
May 27 and 29 BA0086 YVR/LHR
May 30 – June 3 BA0086 YVR/LHR 

All flights to and from London City and London Gatwick will operate as normal. 

Go to http://www.ba.com for up to date information as these schedules may change. 

BA issues guidelines for Jamaica ticket holders 

BA has issued guidelines for passengers with tickets to fly to/from Jamaica in the next 72 hours. 

Ticket holders can either rebook onto another BA flight bound for the same destination within the next five days. If the same booking class is not available, the lowest class in the same cabin may be booked. Ticket holders also have the option of rebooking to Montego Bay. 

Customers who are half way through their journey can book themselves on the next available BA flight back to their origin or leave earlier to continue their journey. All these changes can be done at no extra cost but must make sure to include INVOL RBKD DUE KINGSTON CIVIL UNREST into the endorsement box. 

Travel Reports: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada have issued the following updates on travel to:FloodingGermany Warning level: Exercise normal security precautions.

Warning level: Exercise normal security precautions

The east of Germany, along the border with Poland, is experiencing severe flooding. Flooding is occuring along the course of the Oder River as the excess water flows from south to north.

Floods are currently affecting regions to the east of the country, in particular along the German-Polish border in Ratzdorf, Eisenhuettenstadt and Frankfurt (Oder) in the state of Brandenburg. Local authorities in this region have raised the disaster alert state in the region to the highest level possible.

Flooding could disrupt public transportation. Travellers should keep informed of regional weather forecasts and plan accordingly.


Air France Air Traffic Controllers Strike.


Some French air traffic controllers in France are set to strike on May 27. Consequently the French Civil Aviation Authority (Direction Générale de l´Aviation Civile – DGAC) limits the number of flights of each airline scheduled during this period.

As a result, on Thursday May 27, some flights had to be cancelled as a preventive measure in the morning, mainly from and to Paris-Orly. Some delays and some additional cancellations on short and medium-haul flights are still possible.

Air France plan to operate:

– 100% of long-haul flights leaving from Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly
– 95 % of domestic and European flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle and 80 % from Paris-Orly.

AF staff will attempt to inform passengers whose flights are cancelled and, if necessary, offer them an alternative booking on either Air France, KLM via Amsterdam or one of the SkyTeam partners.

For updated information on flights go to http://www.airfrance.ca.

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