Rainbow Travel Blog 31May10

BA cabin crew begin second five-day strike.

British Airways

BRITISH Airways crew union began their five-day strike Sunday after talks held on Friday failed to resolve the dispute between the airline and the Unite union.

Despite the new strike British Airways said it will increase flights because more crew were returning to work than had been expected.

The airline said it would increase its longhaul service at London’s Heathrow airport to more than 70 percent of flights, from 60 percent this week. It also said it aims to increase shorthaul flights at Heathrow to 55 percent of flights from 50 percent and operate a full schedule from London’s Gatwick and City airports.

Thousands of passengers face more disruption at the start of a week of school holidays in Britain. Cabin staff is due to begin a third wave of strikes on June 5, days before the start of the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa.

The two sides are locked in disagreement over pay, reduced staffing levels and cuts to benefits.

The following flights in and out of LHR to Canadians cities are showing as cancelled up to June 4 as of 12h45 EST May 31.

All flights to and from London City and London Gatwick will operate as normal.

May 31 – June 4 BA0099 LHR/YYZ
May 31 – June 3 BA0103 LHR/YYC
May 31 – June 3 BA0087 LHR/YVR

May 31 – June 4 BA0098 YYZ/LHR
May 31 – June 4 BA0102 YYC/LHR
May 31 – June 3 BA0086 YVR/LHR

Go to http://www.ba.com for up to date information as these schedules may change.

Global Issues: Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

 The hurricane season extends from June 1 to November 30. Tropical depressions and storms that may develop into hurricanes occur in the North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific oceans. The east and Gulf coasts of the United States (including Florida, Louisiana and Texas), Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean are the most threatened areas. Extreme weather events of this kind appear to be becoming more frequent and may pose a growing threat in these regions. If you choose to travel during the hurricane season (June 1 to November 30), you may be affected by these storms.

Up-to-date weather forecasts for the region are available from the National Hurricane Center at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/.

Guatemala airport remains closed.


GUATEMALA’s La Aurora International Airport (GUA) will remain shut for another five days as cleaning the ash fallout from the Pacaya volcano has been complicated by rains from Tropical Storm Agatha, officials said on Saturday.

The airport was closed on Friday by huge ash clouds hovering over Guatemala City and surrounding areas that Pacaya spewed out in a new eruption since it became active on Wednesday.

Civil aviation officials said they needed the time to remove a blanket of ash centimetres thick from the runways, adding that driving rains from Agatha as it churned toward Central America made the job more difficult.

President Alvaro Colom declared a 15-day state of emergency around the volcano.

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