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Travel Off Peak and Save Money.

Fall (Autumn) is a great time to travel.
The kids have gone back to school and the summer peak is over. Hoteliers are keen to keep their room occupancy up as well as the airlines wanting to keep their aircraft full so prices are very reasonable. 
Here are some suggestions for places to visit at this time, chosen for their mild Weather and fall foliage to name but a few. 


Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty ImagesPhoto by Donald Miralle/Getty Images
Athens is a great place to visit in the fall. Yes the weather is not as hot as the summer but also the crowds are far less and you don’t have to book as much in advance  as you do in the peak of summer. 


Mark Kahler, licensed to
People love to visit New England during fall foliage season. Unfortunately, big crowds mean the highest prices of the year in many locales. But when the remainder of the region is collecting premium rates, Boston can be a good base for seeing foliage and many other attractions: The Freedom Trail, pennant fever at Fenway Park or fall cultural offerings at Boston’s many colleges and universities.


Great Wall of ChinaMark Kahler, licensed to
Winters in Beijing tend to be quite cold. Summers are hot, muggy and smoggy. Autumn is a great time to visit this busy world capital and the nearby Great Wall of China.


Berlin's Museum IslandMark Kahler, licensed to
Prices peak in Europe during the heavily tourist summer months. Winter cold discourages visits in places such as Berlin so fall time is an ideal time to visit. Flights are cheaper and crowds have gone home already. Hotels are keener  to offer low room rates. If the cold rains of autumn descend during your visit, you can stay indoors and check out a few of Berlin’s world-famous museums. There are enough of them to visit a different venue each day for six months.


Robert Glusic/Getty ImagesRobert Glusic/Getty Images
So what do you ask are we doing recommending America’s car manufacturing capital?
Well why not use Detroit as a base to explore brilliant fall colors in Michigan forests? Autumn is a great time to visit the Great Lakes. Go to one of the area’s cider mills or enjoy hiking and fishing amid forests and lakes that are a short drive from Detroit.

East Frisia in Germany

Near the village of Wiesedermeer, GermanyMark Kahler, licensed to
Prices in Europe drop in the fall, but you can still pay quite a bit to visit northern countries. Why not try out the northwest corner of Germany near the Dutch Border. This area is called East Frisia (Ostfriesland in German) is a great place to rent a bike , there are loads of relatively flat trails and beautiful, unspoiled scenery you won’t see in more industrialized areas of Germany.

Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountain National ParkMark Kahler, licensed to
Fall colors in Tennessee and North Carolina are not nearly as spectacular as locations to the north, but leaves stay on the trees longer here. Great Smoky Mountain National Park, one of America’s busiest natural tourist attractions, will be far less busy as the days shorten. Some hotels here close during winter, and the final weeks before closing offer great room rates.

New Orleans

French Quarter, New OrleansMark Kahler, licensed to
The cheapest season of the year to visit New Orleans is the fall. You just have to be aware that there could be the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane.
The weather is milder and a lot less humid after Labor Day. Also be aware that the destructive remains of Hurricane Katrina are still enough of a landmark to be noticed but the clean up has been a huge programme that will take a long time to fully complete. So any tourist income that we can give to this area will only help speed up this process and help local businesses and infrastructure get back on its feet. 


Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center. (c) Mark Kahler, licensed to About.comMark Kahler, licensed to
Once North America’s children are back in school, lines shorten at Orlando’s many attractions. That saves you money–because you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying a variety of experiences. From Labor Day until the winter crowds begin arriving after Thanksgiving, you can snag some excellent hotel deals in the Orlando area–and enjoy more comfortable weather. One important point to remember is that  tropical storms and hurricanes can spoil your plans, especially in September and early October.


Paris, as seen from Sacre CoeurMark Kahler, licensed to
Romantics go to Paris in the springtime, but summer is by far busier than any other season. Bargain deals are possible in winter, but many attractions that make the city famous are closed or a little spoilt by the unpredictable outdoor weather.  It can  still be  warm for some pleasant walks along the city’s famous boulevards or park trails, this combined with lower prices for hotels will still leave you with pleasant memories of one of Europe’s most visited capitals.


Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty ImagesPhoto by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
The colorful brilliance of fall foliage in South Korea usually peaks in October, which is one good reason to visit Seoul at this time of year. As well as this the summer heat has subsided, and the peak prices of mid-July are well behind us.  To save more money, try to time your visit to central Seoul for a weekend in the fall. Hotels need to fill their rooms before the business Monday to Friday rush starts again.

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