5 Clauses to be aware of in your cruise contract.

Cruise Lines

A Travel Agent Will Help You With The Small Print

1. Did you know that the law governing cruises depends on the law of the country where the ship is registered which is usually the Bahamas, Liberia or Panama. 

2. Basically, prices, rooms, excursions, itineraries, and anything not guaranteed is up to the cruise line’s discretion, so you have no control over any cancellations, deviations from the advertised schedule, ports of call that the cruise line makes to your trip. 

3. Medical facilities are excellent on board but the cruise lines aren’t responsible for the malpractice of the ship’s doctors. Similarly, all spa personnel, photographers, instructors, guest lecturers and entertainers and other service personnel shall be considered independent contractors, so if anything goes wrong the cruise line do not accept responsibility. 

4. Children and retirees are second-class citizens. The survivors of children or retired passengers who die on cruise ships have no right to compensation except for burial and funeral expenses. It turns out that when passengers die on the high seas, the “Death On The High Seas Act” applies. It limits the recovery of the surviving family members to what is called pecuniary losses. This means that only lost wages and burial or funeral expenses are permitted. If you’re a child or a retiree, and not earning wages, the only compensation is for the costs of the burial. 

5. Watch the clock, you don’t have much time as there’s a one-year limitation period to file a claim, and a six-month period to write a letter to the cruise line if the passenger has been injured. So don’t miss that deadline otherwise you will not have a leg to stand on. 

Taking all into account the cruise sector is excellent value for money and absolute bargains are to be had. This sector of the vacation market is growing phenomenally so the cruise lines must be doing something right. 

Our advice is just to be flexible in relation to the itinerary and don’t get too stressed out if you receive that notification advising you of a change.

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