The Yucatan Peninsula must be driven at least once in a lifetime. The adventure starts at Cancun Airport, there are two options. Drivers can take the toll roada-autopistas or cuotas- or choose choose libre (free roads), which make for much slower  driving, but that enables one to take in the collection of remarkable cities, ruins, cavesContinue reading “Mexico-Yucatan”

Tomas Reaks Havoc With Cruise Ships.

05 NOV 2010: St. Lucia was hit hard last weekend by Tropical Storm Tomas, then a category 1.  While the island’s tourism office says it is making a quick recovery, St. Lucia’s ports will remain closed to cruise ships at least through Sunday. Calls scheduled for yesterday and today by Princess Cruises’ Caribbean Princess, Carnival’sContinue reading “Tomas Reaks Havoc With Cruise Ships.”