7 Alaska Daytrip Ideas

Alaska Cruise ShipWith Alaska season just around the corner Vancouver is getting ready for another busy Cruise Ship summer.

So what is one to do when you get there, well here are 7 ideas with thanks to Travel Age West.

1. Get up close to The Alaska Wildlife

There is an abundance of wildlife such as moose, sheep, wolf, bear and caribou as you drive through Denali National Park. This can easily be done in one day via bus.

If you can stay a little longer there are places like Camp Denali or Northface Lodge where you can enjoy great cuisine and in depth seminars.

2. Exhilarating Speedboat Tour

Follow the lead speedboat as you drive your own machine toward local sights including George Inlet Cannery. Enjoy the additional bonus  of viewing numerous orcas and humpback whales. Enjoy the exhilaration of crashing through the waves on your half day tour on the water. The trip ends with a campfire enjoying tucking in to a salmon dip  with crackers to be washed down with a hot drink before returning to the dock.

3. Snorkeling Tour.

You can do this in an afternoon. You will get to see salmon, rockfish, eels and starfish. You are well looked after by the staff who match the gear and wetsuits to your specific needs. Depending on your swimming ability you can either be accompanied on a shore line tour  or go off on your own to explore hidden species in the seaweed forests.

4. Heli Tour

This is a perfect trip for cruise ship passengers visiting Ketchikan, Skagway and Juneau. The five hour NorthStar  X Trek tour offers a guide, plus all the equipment necessary for spending 3 hours exploring Mendenhall Glacier. You can learn how to be rapelled 80 feet down an ice face or ice climb with crampons and axes.

Other alternatives in The Denali National Park you can take a fixed wing twin engined aircraft to view Sheldon Ampitheatre or Ruth Glacier. Due to the close proximity to Denali, Talkeeta offers a wide choice of sightseeing and glacier landing tours.

4. Bering  Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour.

 The tour consists of a 3.5 hour tour exploring the life of a crabbing boat which was featured on the TV show “The Deadliest Catch”. You have the opportunity to relax in a comfy seat as you cruise amongst the island forests as you check for crab traps. During the trip you are entertained by reenactments and captivating performances by the crew. There are plenty of opportunities to view the catch close at hand.

6. Waterfall Resort.

This is Alaska’s premier saltwater fishing lodge and is located on the outer edge of the Gulf of Alaska and sits on the nutrients from the Continental Shelf that brings a multitude of sportfish who wish to feed. This is a salmon fishing dream as well as being able to catch halibut and cod. The resort staff fillet, custom pack, flash freeze and box up clients fish and tag it all the way through to your final destination and hence by passing airport security.

7. Icy Strait Point

 Home to the ZipRider which is one of the world’s longest and highest zipline rides which measures 5,300 ft in length with a vertical drop of 1,300 ft at a speed of 60mph.

The 90 minute tour ends with a ride that lasts 90 seconds . Guests start at sea level and are bused up the 8 miles through rainforest to the top of the mountain where the zipline begins.

Icy Straight also offers great bear viewing as a post zipline bonus from platforms that can accommodate families or groups in complete safety. The bear viewing tour at Icy Straight Point is available after a 20 minute bus ride and a quarter mile walk to 3 platforms that overlook the bear viewing area. They can offer an 84% sighting for bears and a 100% guarantee sighting for whales, they even offer a $100 guarantee payment to anyone who doesn’t see a whale.

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