Jewish Heritage Tour River Cruise

7 NIGHT Jewish Heritage Tour River Cruise.

Jewish Heritage Tours

The jewish religion is one of the oldest in the world and in almost every country on the earth has left it’s mark in the magnificent buildings both in ancient and modern history.

Here is an opportunity to visit some of these places and experience first hand and judge for yourself in the form of a river cruise down the Danube and give you the experience of a lifetime that you have always promised yourself.

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There are two tours on offer:

1. The Legendary Danube 

 Experience the historic towns full of Jewish Culture on a 7 night The Legendary Danube cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest or in the opposite direction on The Blue Danube Discovery from Budapest to Nuremberg.

Sites to visit in Budapest:

1074 Dohány utca 2 District 7. City Center Budapest

The Great Synagogue in Dohány street is the world’s second largest synagogue, second only to the Temple Emanuel in New York City. It has a vast collection of Judaica on display. Permanent exhibitions are: Devotional objects for Jewish celebrations; Everyday objects; History of the Hungarian Holocaust. . It was built by the Neolog Jewish community of Budapest between 1854 and 1859; its architect was Ludwig Förster from Vienna, Austria. The flat-ceiling interior can accommodate nearly 3,000.

1094 Páva utca 39 District 9. Budapest


Holocaust Memorial Centre.This Neolog Synagogue, inaugurated in 1924, is the work of architect Lipót Baumhorn, who designed no less than 22 synagogues in the territory of historical, pre-WWI Hungary. The temple functioned until 1944, when it was turned into an internment station.

As an added bonus once in this beautiful city that I last visited in 1996 you get to see the world famous sights such as Fisherman Bastion, Heroes Square, Budapest Castle and many more.

I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with this 2 World Heritage Sites city. To stand on the ancient walls of Fisherman Bastion  and admire the view sent chills down my spine and I hope it can do the same for yours.



I haven’t been to Nuremberg but the city has lots of connections to the Jewish community, it was one of the most important commercial city’s of Bavaria and Jews were living in Nuremberg as early as the beginning of the twelfth century.

Jewish Museum of Franconia.


One of the exhibits in the museum represent the newly found letters Schnaittach Guttag family before, and thus also an example of Jewish emigration to the United States and Frankish homeland ties in the 19 Jahrhundert. Century.

As you can see this is a totally unique experience that does not come along very often so why not find out more information about this once in a lifetime trip that not only gives you the chance to view Jewish Heritage Sites but also the world famous sights that Budapest and Nuremberg have to offer the regular tourist.

Prices starting from only

$1,999 per person

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(USD based on double occupancy, for bookings made between 5July & 31August 2011, prices don’t include land programme, round trip airfare, port charges and gratuities. Departure dates 7 & 15  November 2011)


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