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Abu Dhabi one step closer to Vancouver.


ETIHAD FROM YVR TO ABU DHABIGreat to see long haul destinations such as Abu Dhabi easier to get to from Vancouver Airport. I think this  being offered in light of the new service that Emirates have commenced from Seattle to Dubai.

This opens up the whole country of United Arab Emirates to the West Coast of Canada and the U.S.A. with two of the world’s best airlines.

Did you know that the Lonely Planet lists 579 things to do there as well as 106 activities.

Here is the link to their website featuring United Arab Emirates:

Etihad Airways recently partnered with airberlin, Germany’s second largest airline, and is now offering connecting flights from Vancouver to Abu Dhabi via Dusseldorf, Germany.

Beginning May 13, airberlin will offer service on Sunday flights from Vancouver to Abu Dhabi, and beyond, to over 70 destinations worldwide. Flight frequency will increase to twice a week from June 13 every Wednesday and Sunday until Oct. 21.

The partnership with airberlin also enables Etihad Guest members to collect and redeem miles on all flights with Etihad and airberlin, and gives access to a status credit earning to use the priority check-in and boarding.

For more information, visit

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Latest videos of #LiverpoolSeaOddysey re

Latest videos of #LiverpoolSeaOddysey remembering #Titanic

#Liverpool takes centre stage once again

#Liverpool takes centre stage once again to remember #Titanic, giant puppets roam accross #Liverpool

Another first, nice to see #Liverpool #J

Another first, nice to see #Liverpool #JohnLennonAirport investing in the best passenger comfort north of London

#Summer destinations come to #Liverpool

#Summer destinations come to #Liverpool with 35 destinations and more, come see the #Beatle sites

Celebrate 2 Unique Events on 1 Trip: Diamond Jubilee Cruise AND Beatles 50th Year Anniversary

Now is the best time to visit Britain

2012 will be an incredible year for Britain.

Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Celebration

To mark 60 years of The Queen’s reign, the Diamond Jubilee will take place in 2012. The celebrations will centre around an extended weekend in 2012 on 2, 3, 4 and 5th June.

The only other British monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria in 1897 who held the throne for 64 years.

Click on the official Diamond Jubilee website to find out the full list of events that are planned for the extended June weekend.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Click here for the official website for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

We’ve listed 2 other significant events this year in Britain:

2012 Summer Olympics between 27 July – 12Aug 2012

Big Ben London

Click here to find more about London Olympics 2012

50th Anniversary of the Beatles

Yet another milestone event is the Celebration of The Beatles forming 50 years ago in Liverpool, the world’s most famous “4 lads who shook the world” and started the ” British Invasion” of America and where the Beatles led others followed in their footsteps.

With so much happening this summer in Britain, it will be challenging for anyone to see everything in one trip.

Let us help you experience TWO major celebrations in ONE trip!

An 8 night Diamond Jubilee Celebration cruise and a pre and post cruise trip to London for 3 nights and Liverpool for 2 nights.

In London visit the iconic places such as The Queen’s residence, Buckingham Palace, see here Jewels at the Tower of London, visit the world-famous museum’s and experience shopping like you have never done before, Harrods Food Hall is an experience on its own.

In Liverpool, you will stay at the iconic Beatles themed hotel , “A Hard Days Night” and see for yourself the iconic places in the Beatles hits, Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. Picture yourself on a “Magical Mystery Tour” on a replica of the original 1960’s bus.

On the cruise you will depart from the most famous port in the world, Liverpool and cruise around The Scottish Highlands & Islands. During your cruise celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with events such as  on deck traditional British street party, lectures and films about royal life, the finale being a Royal Variety Show.

Click here or more information.

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Liverpool’s Titanic 100th Anniversary Commemoration

Liverpool's 100th Titanic Anniversary Commemoration

Liverpool's 100th Titanic Anniversary Commemoration

It’s hard to believe that it’s 100 years since that faithful night that the world’s most mechanically advanced ship met her fate.

Few people know that the Titanic’s owners headquarters, The White Star Line were in Liverpool and to this day the building still stands on the shores of Liverpool’s famous River Mersey.

There are lots of events going on not to mention two cruise ships will be steaming towards the wreck site of Titanic, one from Southampton and one from New York, where an on board commemorative religious service will be performed at the exact time the great liner went down.

In Liverpool just as spectacular a commemoration will be taking place, The Sea Odyssey, which runs from Friday 20th April to Sunday 22nd April will be the UK’s largest street festival.

Liverpool's Little Girl Giant Sea Odyssey

So what’s the connection with the Titanic?

One stowaway: loaded on board during the night, unnoticed – a thirty foot tall Giant capable of travelling through time, on his way to another continent to meet his daughter, the Little Giant.

Giants don’t grow old, don’t grow up, they just stay the age they are for eternity – that is, if they don’t die.

But Disaster  the Titanic was the pride of Liverpool, and many different Liverpudlian tradesmen were recruited, mainly to maintain the ship and to look after the passengers.
But let’s return to our gigantic passenger trapped in one of the holds. He feels the full force of the iceberg’s blade. The sea rushes into the ship so fiercely that he is unable to move.

He is a prisoner and plummets 12,000 feet with the Titanic. We believe that, knowing he would soon die, he took his last underwater lift ride before coming to rest in a cloud of dust on the ocean bed.

Above, petrified with fear, survivors hoped for miracles – some were rescued, that too is known.

When the Little Giant heard the news, she sought out her uncle, the Great Giant’s brother. While listening to her, the uncle made a decision that was to take him a century to carry out.

First, he would make himself a diving suit. Then he would scour the ocean floor for the shipwreck. After that, he would bury his brother in the deep-sea bed. Most importantly, he would come back with the letter the Great Giant had written to the Little Giant Girl. This is why he walked for many long years across the ocean floor, pulling the Titanic’s mail trunk to bring back the post to Liverpool.

Such tragedies do not affect the Little Giant’s morale who bravely decided to come to the reunion. While reading magazines before leaving, she discovered that there are another two famed legends in Liverpool – The Beatles music, and the sheer madness for football of the rebel City.

Click on the link below for more information on the full schedule:

Liverpool Giant Titanic Odyssey

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Royal visit to #Liverpool #Beatles story

Royal visit to #Liverpool #Beatles story by #DuchessofCornwall on 50th anniversary

“Liverpool and “Titanic have a special

“Liverpool and “Titanic have a special relationship, great idea to recreate the famous radio room

“Liverpool famous as a maritime port not just famous for HQ of Titanic

“Liverpool famous as a maritime port not just famous for HQ of #Titanic, decommisions “HMS Liverpool