3 Greek Travel Myths that might surprise you!

Consumers warned against independent trips to Greece. 1. Greece is still more expensive for a one-week holiday than Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France and Egypt. 2. Greece ranked as only the 10th cheapest country for a seven-day holiday, including flights. 3.  In a recent pole Greece came out more expensive than even Iceland and Japan. AContinue reading “3 Greek Travel Myths that might surprise you!”


Now Canada’s favourite airline offers service for children travelling alone within Canada. WestJet  has launched a new unaccompanied minor program following feedback from guests encouraging the airline to unveil a service that allows children to travel alone. Effective immediately, children can travel without a parent or guardian. The program is required for children between theContinue reading “WESTJET LAUNCHES UNACCOMPANIED MINOR PROGRAM”

Five things you’ll love about the new Disney Fantasy

Five things you’ll love about the new Disney Fantasy Click here to find out more. http://travel.usatoday.com/cruises/post/2012/03/disney-fantasy-ship-five-things/660347/1 I can’t help feeling a tinge of excitement which started with this article on the new Disney Fantasy, thanks to The Cruise Log by Gene Sloane. Vancouver was home port for the Disney Magic back in 2011 for theContinue reading “Five things you’ll love about the new Disney Fantasy”