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Travel Industry Jargon

Rainbow Travel Blog - Commonly Used Travel Jargon

I was meeting a friend for coffee and he was planning a vacation.  I was providing some suggestions when he asked me for clarification when he didn’t understand some of the terms / acronyms I used.  I thought I would take this opportunity to explain some commonly used jargon in the travel industry.

Charter Flight – A non scheduled flight.  A single flight that is chartered by a company for a specific trip in order to transport a group, usually as part of a vacation package.

Direct Flight – A flight with one or more intermediary stops but passengers remain on the air craft during the stop.

Fuel Surcharge – A fee added to the ticket by the airline to recover the increased fuel cost.

Lowest Available Fare – The lowest price available at a specific point in time.  Availability is limited and is sold out quickly.

Open Jaw – A term for the sitatuion where a person flies into one airport but departs from another.   

Pax – An abbreviation for passengers.

Rack Rate – The official rate offered by a hotel to the public before any discounts.

If there are others you have seen but don’t understand, leave a comment below.

In my next post I’ll describe some commonly used acronyms.

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It’s Not Too Late To Book Last Minute Holiday Flights!

It’s Not Too Late To Book Last Minute Holiday Flights!

From now until early January many U.S. airlines are waiving advance purchase rules for the holidays.

Yes you can still book last minute to travel within the States and also here to Canada, to name just a few, American, United, Delta, Northwest, US Airways, Frontier, AirTran and Midwest. Continental have restructured some fares to allow a minimum of 3 day advance purchase.

So why not encourage your American friends and relatives to come to Canada for the holidays.

You will find that if you must travel during the holiday period a premium will still apply but you will still save on previous years last minute peak travel fares.

The cheapest fares apply to Dec 25 and January 1 & 4.
The next cheapest fares will be approximately 30% higher for travel on 18,20,21,24,30 and 31st December.
Finally the next cheapest fares will be approximately 55% higher for travel on 19,22,23,26,28 and 29th December.
For 27th December and 2nd & 3rd January havn’t been included in the holiday airfare sale and will definitely be more expensive.

Whatever dates you choose to travel at the last minute be assured that you will still get good value for money.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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Alaska Airlines Seat Sale!

Alaska Airlines Seat Sale!

Alaska Airlines have just announced a “Seat Sale” as they are the proud sponsor of decorated speed skater Apolo Ohno, and to celebrate his quest for gold, they are putting some really hot deals on ice.

You can head to Seattle for some outdoor adventure and culture or just get away from it all at one of their other exciting destinations. No matter what you choose, grab this chance to follow your adventurous spirit for as little as $100. This sale ends December 7, 2009, so don’t wait because these hot deals are thawing out quicker than you can say: Go Apolo!

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Fly Your Family To Mexico For Less!

Fly Your Family To Mexico For Less!

Free flights to Mexico!

I came acoss this amazing bargain in my travel journal. 

   FREE, it’s not just a deal, it’s a steal. AeroMexico’s new Family Plan during these difficult times makes travel   more affordable for the family.

This is the deal, buy 3 or 4 tickets for your family and get another ticket FOR FREE for the same flight and class of service. Anyone can use the free ticket, regardless of age or relationship. 

Tickets must be purchased by December 15, 2009, so there is still plenty of time to book.

I have listed below the cities that are available for the promotion. As it is targeted towards the U.S. market unfortunately it does not apply for Vancouver, but hey, Seattle is only 2.5 hours away from B.C. and a lot of the airport hotel’s at Seatac offer free parking if you purchase one night’s accommodation.

So hurry and book these sort of deals “BEFORE THE RECESSION ENDS!


Family Plan 4 + 1

Family Plan “Buy 4, Get 1 More”
tickets are available on the following routes to/from Mexico:
Family Plan 3 + 1
Family Plan “Buy 3, Get 1 Free”
tickets are available on the
following routes to/from Mexico:
Atlanta, GA – Cancun
Chicago, IL – Guadalajara
Houston, TX – Mexico City
Chicago, IL – Mexico City
Las Vegas, NV – Monterrey
Chicago, IL – Morelia
Miami, FL – Merida
Denver, CO – Mexico City
Miami, FL – Mexico City
Las Vegas, NV – Hermosillo
New York, NY – Mexico City
Los Angeles, CA – Aguascalientes
Ontario, CA – Guadalajara
Los Angeles, CA – Guadalajara
Orlando, FL – Mexico City
Los Angeles, CA – Leon
San Diego, CA – Los Cabos
Los Angeles, CA – Mexico City
Seattle, WA – Los Cabos
Phoenix, AZ – Hermosillo
San Antonio, TX – Mexico City
San Francisco, CA – Mexico City
Seattle, WA – Guadalajara
Seattle, WA – Mexico City
TERMS AND CONDITIONS © 2009 AeroMexico Tickets must be purchased by December 15, 2009. Valid for one-way or round-trip travel on AeroMexico or AeroMexico Connect flights only. Not valid on prepaid or previously purchased tickets. Fare restrictions apply as per class of service purchased. Fuel surcharges and taxes will apply to free tickets. Fares are non-refundable, non-endorsable and cannot be reissued. Free tickets will be issued with purchased tickets in same class of service and all passengers must travel together throughout the trip. Not valid with any other offer, promotion or discount. Infants younger than 2 years of age without a seat will incur a charge of $30 USD. Unaccompanied minors are not accepted in this promotion. No groups permitted. Blackout Dates: November 19 – December 01, 2009.

Blinded by the prices, overwhelmed by the choices


Over the last year, Canadians have seen great prices for airfare, vacation packages, and tours.  Initially because the Canadian dollar was near parity with the American dollar and now because of overcapacity during this uncertain economic climate. Prices are at levels we haven’t seen in years.

Before you purchase that great deal you found online or in the newspaper, be sure you know what you’re getting.  When it comes to purchasing most items, consumers take into account brand, quality/workmanship, value, etc.  However, when it comes to travel, price appears to be the most significant factor.  For example, you see a 7 day all-inclusive vacation for $499 and you’re ready to book the deal and pack your bags.  However, you need to ask yourself several questions first…is this the type of place I really want to stay at? will it have the amenities I want? have i checked the reviews on is it readily accessible to a beach? what excursions are available from the resort and are they at reasonable prices? etc

Discounts on airfare, tours, and vacation packages

Discounts on airfare, tours, and vacation packages

If you compare the cheapest deals available now to the ones last year or the year before…the price reduction is on average 12%.  The best deals out there are actually in the middle to high range vacations.  The margins on those are significantly higher and they can afford to offer deeper discounts. 

The tough choice is for you to decide…spend abit less on a already cheap vacation or spend abit more on significantly discounted middle to high end vacation.  I think you’ll enjoy the latter option more.

If at all uncertain, do your own research.  If you are still uncertain, contact  your travel consultant.  That’s what they are there for.  They can answer your questions, ease your concerns, and provide you information for questions you might not readily think of.  Plus, your travel consultant may even find you a better deal than the one you found.  Remember, they have access to the latest promotions and a range of sources to find you the best vacation that fits in your budget based on what you want to do and see.