Travel Industry Jargon

I was meeting a friend for coffee and he was planning a vacation.  I was providing some suggestions when he asked me for clarification when he didn’t understand some of the terms / acronyms I used.  I thought I would take this opportunity to explain some commonly used jargon in the travel industry. Charter Flight – A non scheduledContinue reading “Travel Industry Jargon”

It’s Not Too Late To Book Last Minute Holiday Flights!

It’s Not Too Late To Book Last Minute Holiday Flights! From now until early January many U.S. airlines are waiving advance purchase rules for the holidays. Yes you can still book last minute to travel within the States and also here to Canada, to name just a few, American, United, Delta, Northwest, US Airways, Frontier,Continue reading “It’s Not Too Late To Book Last Minute Holiday Flights!”

Alaska Airlines Seat Sale!

Alaska Airlines Seat Sale! Alaska Airlines have just announced a “Seat Sale” as they are the proud sponsor of decorated speed skater Apolo Ohno, and to celebrate his quest for gold, they are putting some really hot deals on ice. You can head to Seattle for some outdoor adventure and culture or just get awayContinue reading “Alaska Airlines Seat Sale!”

Fly Your Family To Mexico For Less!

Fly Your Family To Mexico For Less! Free flights to Mexico! I came acoss this amazing bargain in my travel journal.     FREE, it’s not just a deal, it’s a steal. AeroMexico’s new Family Plan during these difficult times makes travel   more affordable for the family. This is the deal, buy 3 or 4 tickets for your family and getContinue reading “Fly Your Family To Mexico For Less!”

Blinded by the prices, overwhelmed by the choices

Over the last year, Canadians have seen great prices for airfare, vacation packages, and tours.  Initially because the Canadian dollar was near parity with the American dollar and now because of overcapacity during this uncertain economic climate. Prices are at levels we haven’t seen in years. Before you purchase that great deal you found onlineContinue reading “Blinded by the prices, overwhelmed by the choices”