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4 Of the Best TSA Approved Locks For Your Checked Bags.

With ever-increasing security measures being taken at airports across the globe, it’s more important now than ever for passengers to be able to fly with peace of mind-especially when it comes to securing valuables with TSA-approved locks.

PROSAFE 750, PACSAFE: $12.99

Great for those of us who forget lock combinations it uses a key card which is inserted into the bottom of the lock, passengers can automatically open the lock without having to remember any numbers or codes. If you are unfortunate enough to lose both of the key cards a replacement can be requested from Pacsafe if you remember to keep a note of the key-card code.


This combination lock is resettable and is ideal for those of us who want to know if their bags have been tampered with. A tiny security window on the front of the lock will change colour from green to red if the lock has been opened by TSA. If the TSA fails to place a notification of baggage inspection or security seal on the inspected bag, a report can be filed with the airlines baggage claim to report any stolen or missing items.


If your bag goes missing your unique luggage lock I.D. can be used to track it down with Boomerangit who operate a global lost-and-found return service that works in co-operation with law enforcement and other agencies to return lost property items to owners. So never wait in line again at the airline baggage claim office. By inspecting the small security window you can check if your bag has been inspected as it changed from green to orange. A lifetime Boomerangit return service (a $10 value) is complimentary, just don’t lose your set of keys! 


This classic combination lock features a flexible cable loop that is easy to thread through bags which have weird shaped zippers. A limited lifetime warranty is offered and Master Lock, the brand is well-known globally, just have a little patience when opening and closing the loop as it can sometimes be tricky to secure and release.

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Happy New Year with FREE Luggage Tags from KLM

Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year. It’s been a challenging year for the travel industry in 2009.  Please email us your travel related questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines

To start off the new year, I thought I would share with you a promotion from KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines. They are offering a set of 2 luggage tags FREE (maximum of one set of 2 per person) when you subscribe to their newsletters and eNews. You have a choice of uploading your own image or choosing one of theirs. Click here for details.

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Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 03 January 2009

United and Fedex Offer Door to Door Shipping

Like to have your bags guaranteed to arrive where and when you want without having to drag your baggage to the airport only to find that when you arrive at the check-in counter that your bags are overweight and you get slapped with those outrageous overweight charges. Now United and Fedex have gotten together to offer Door-to-Door Baggage which enables customers in the continental U.S. to ship suitcases and other items, such as skis or golf clubs, overnight from their home or office directly to their destination within the lower 48 states.

The cost is $149 per item, one way, for flights less than 1,000 miles and $179 for longer flights. That’s between $50-100 cheaper than other baggage-shipping services. Up to 10 days prior to travel, customers can go online to where the appropriate trip is selected and paid for. The document is printed and the bag tags are applied by the shipping company. On the scheduled day the bags are collected from the customers home/office between noon and 6 PM. By 4.30 PM the next day the bags are delivered to your destination.

The most cost effective option is to ship your baggage via FedEx Ground for about a third of the price of overnight and the price even includes the pick-up fee.

Why is the Ocean Cold in California But Warm in Florida?


Blame it on something called the Cariolis effect. This controls the oceans currents. It’s complicated but usually ocean waters on the West side of any continent will be cooler at the same lattitude than those on the East side.

Why Are Most Hotels in Hawaii on the West Side of the Island?


The prevailing, tropical, moisture bearing trade winds usually blow from East to West and therefore most of the moisture then gets “squeezed out” as the humid breezes strike the mountains. This causes rain on the east side of the island but in effect this makes the west side drier. This is usually a general rule of thumb that can be used for most mountainous tropical islands, including those in the Caribbean, South Pacific and Indian Ocean.

YVR Airport Vancouver, British Columbia Voted 2nd in the World


I am quite proud that the city that I live in was voted second in the list of best airports in the world and was the only airport in North America to place in the Top 10 Airports in the world. More than 2,500 European business travelers completed the Conde Nast Survey rating airports on cleanliness, design and layout, shopping and duty free facilities, clarity of flight information and signage, luggage handling and parking facilities.

Disney Offers Tours in Places Like South Africa, Alaska, China, Australia, and Many


Adventures by Disney is branching out in 2009 with a total of 23 adventurous holiday options. They are described as dynamic family vacations the Disney programmes cover China, Australia, France, Ireland, Costa Rica and of course the U.S.A. Each vacation includes VIP experiences and unique itineraries specifically designed for families. Some examples include Alpine Magic- Italy and Switzerland, Beantown & The Big Apple-Boston, Rocky Trails and Mountie Tales – Montana and Alberta, Safari to South Africa – Capetown and the Garden Route and many more.

All programs include specially trained adventure guides, along with a host of local experts that allow families to see, hear, touch and taste the history and culture of destinations around the globe and domestically. Sounds exciting and something different for the family to participate in together. To find out more, contact Rainbow Travel for further information.