Top 6 Facts About Machu Picchu.

Top 6 Facts About Machu Picchu. 1. First to get to start The Machu Picchu Trail you first have to get to the village called Aguas Caliente before riding transportation up a steep, switch back road. This is where you will get the first glimpse of Machu Picchu from an elevated viewpoint which is whatContinue reading “Top 6 Facts About Machu Picchu.”

Jewish Heritage Tour River Cruise

7 NIGHT Jewish Heritage Tour River Cruise. The jewish religion is one of the oldest in the world and in almost every country on the earth has left it’s mark in the magnificent buildings both in ancient and modern history. Here is an opportunity to visit some of these places and experience first hand and judge for yourself inContinue reading “Jewish Heritage Tour River Cruise”

Amsterdam to Clean up

What’s the first thing you think of when Amsterdam is mentioned? Well if it’s the Red Light District things are going to change. Amsterdam is trying to clean up it’s Red Light District, overflowing with den’s of iniquity, coffee shops and dope smoke. At it’s height there were an estimated 450 spots showcasing working women,Continue reading “Amsterdam to Clean up”

The Dead Sea Scrolls on show in Toronto.

The Dead Sea Scrolls on show in Toronto. There is still time to see a very important aspect of the Israeli and Jewish culture dating back thousands of years. “The words that changed the world”, that’s what the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) calls them Widely considered among the greatest archaeological finds of the past century,Continue reading “The Dead Sea Scrolls on show in Toronto.”

Cool Happenings in London Now

In my bottomless inbox of travel news, I’ve come across a few articles about London and why you might be interested in taking a trip there before the end of summer. Putpockets We’ve all heard of pickpockets and how we should be wary of them at home and while we’re abroad. However, 20 former pickpocketsContinue reading “Cool Happenings in London Now”

When I think of Spain…

I recently came across an article about the air quality in Spain. It got me to think…what does Spain mean to me? Well…for most people they associate Spain with things like the distinct architecture, Don Quixote, Pablo Picasso, Pedro Almodovar, football (aka soccer in North America), tapas, paella, flamenco, Ibiza, bull fighting, and the CastileContinue reading “When I think of Spain…”

Liverpool – My Home Part 1

I often miss my hometown of Liverpool, UK.  Whenever I read travel articles, see a story on the news, or hear about it on the radio, all my memories of home come to mind. So I ‘ve decided to share with you all the recent news about Liverpool.  If you have the chance to visitContinue reading “Liverpool – My Home Part 1”

Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits – 5 September 2008

Travel Tidbits from Rainbow Travel Inc: Air Transat delivers More Room in Economy: The space between each row of seats has been increased by about 2 inches from 30 to 32 inches. By doing this, Air Transat has reduced the seating on it’s Airbus 310‘s from 259 to 249 seats and on their Airbus 330‘sContinue reading “Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits – 5 September 2008”