Security Tips for Travellers

How Not to Look Like a Tourist The most important thing to keep in mind is that many travellers go abroad ignorant not only of the types of scams they may see, but also unprepared in general. While it’s not unreasonable to be disoriented in a new city and to struggle with directions or understandingContinue reading “Security Tips for Travellers”

Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 18 Jan 2009

A380 AIRBUS BARGAIN FLIGHTS TO AUSTRALIA FROM $347.50* EACH WAY Wow!!! What an opportunity to fly on the new A380 Double Decker Airbus. These bargain airfares are being offered on a select number of one way flights from Los Angeles or San Fransisco and travel has to be between 01 May and 31 May 2009.Continue reading “Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 18 Jan 2009”

Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 25 August 2008

The World’s Eyes on China The world’s eyes were focused on China with the Olympic Games and for at least the near future as well. One of my clients recently returned from an exciting trip which we helped organize.  Travelers are just beginning to realize that they can explore China on their own rather thanContinue reading “Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 25 August 2008”