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Ash Alert: Updated airline advisories Friday 23rdApril2010


Ash Alert: Updated airline advisories.

Air Canada advises that it plans to operate a full schedule of 40 flights from Canadian cities and the following destinations in Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Rome, as well as Tel Aviv. Some airspace restrictions continue to be in place as a result of the spread of volcanic ash over Europe due to volcanic activity in Iceland. Operating schedules remain subject to change. Go to http://www.aircanada.com for updates or call 1-888-422-7533.

Air Transat Reports that all flights are back on schedule.

British Airways  Reports all flights are operating on schedule. BA have a customer webform for stranded pax. In an effort to repatriate passengers as soon as possible, British Airways has introduced a new webform on ba.com.
The webform requires passengers who are still trying to get to their original destination and who have not yet rebooked or cancelled flights, to provide the airline with details that will assist in prioritising its flight schedule.

Information submitted through the form will be used to understand where passengers are and also which areas the airline need to prioritize for extra flights or larger aircraft.  Passengers are urged to use the form if they are unable to get availability for flights.

Take note:
*The airline will not be able to contact passengers directly who use the form
*Once forms are completed a pop-up confirmation will show
*Passengers should continue to check ba.com for the latest information

KLM will operate all scheduled intercontinental destinations, and most of the European network, except a few early departures from United Kingdom and Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Go to http://www.klm.com for more information.

Lufthansa Resumed normal operations on Thursday, April 22.

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Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits – 5 September 2008

Travel Tidbits from Rainbow Travel Inc:

Air Transat delivers More Room in Economy:

The space between each row of seats has been increased by about 2 inches from 30 to 32 inches. By doing this, Air Transat has reduced the seating on it’s Airbus 310‘s from 259 to 249 seats and on their Airbus 330‘s from 362 to 342 seats. Air Transat operates a fleet of 13 Airbus A310’s and four A330’s.

Toy Story Opens at Two Parks

Disney Park guests are now able to enter a wild and wooly 4-D world, Toy Story, featuring Woody, Buzz and other favourite characters. This exciting new feature is available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It’s a high energy adventure that puts guests right in the heart of the action as your game play triggers fun surprises that provide a fourth dimention of fun. Upon entering the attraction, guests are welcomed by Mr Potato Head. More than 5ft tall, this state of the art audio animatronics Mr Potato Head makes two way conversation and asks you to ” step right up” for the incredible Toy Story Experience.

Everyone gets a front row seat when they put on their 3-D specs, shrink to the size of a toy, and board Toy Story Carnival tram ride cars.

Players can pair up and shoot at a variety of targets and because of the 4-D special effects, they can be amongst the action on their exciting journey where objects seem to whirl past as they pop out of the 3-D scenes

Very Affordable Tropical Cruises:

Signature Vacations new Tropical Cruise Programme this winter will feature two itineraries in the Caribbean aboard the 1450 pax Thomson Destiny cruise ship. Thomson Destiny will sail every second Sunday from La Romana in the Dominican Republic visiting Grenada, Dominica, Antigua, St Martin and Tortola before returning to La Romana. The second itinerary will feature The Coral Islands, St Lucia, Barbados, Guadeloupe, St Kitts and Tortola due to Monday and Tuesday flights from Vancouver from Nov 10th onwards.

The Thomson Destiny offers a Kitzone with daily activity programmes, two pools, 24Hr per day buffets, two restaurants, Broadway style shows, library, video, gym and sauna, and all the cruises include port taxes and tipping. There is even an option to pre purchase your alcoholic beverages.

La Machine: The Giant spider, La Princess, brings Liverpool to Standstill

Celebrations for European city of culture continue in my home town, Liverpool (U.K.)

A GIANT spider appeared in Liverpool, Lime Street today. Stunned onlookers stared in amazement as the 37-tonne, 50ft creature dangled high above the street from Concourse Tower. The massive arachnid is the first glimpse of the mysterious La Princess, the mechanical creature at the centre of the La Machine extravaganza. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected on the streets of the city, many of which will be closed off, as the five-day street theatre event unfolds this weekend. The Capital of Culture event will see “scientists” arrive in the city to investigate the creature. The spider, named La Princesse, is the brainchild of François Delarozière and his company La Machine. This is his first spider, and its appearance is part of the city’s capital of culture celebrations. La Princesse is a big girl, weighing 37 tonnes, and a marvel of engineering. She has 50 hydraulic axes of movement, took a year to build, and trundles along the road at two miles an hour.

Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 13 August 2008

Which is the best airline seat to book?

Ever got to the check-in desk and the agent asks you what seat you would like to reserve, what an agonizing question, you probably feel that whichever one you choose is going to be the wrong choice. I feel for you, I have been in that same position myself so I would like to share with you some of my experiences, as well as, my clients’ recommendations from their trips to minimize your frustration of this decision.
British Airways: Boeing 747-400 World Traveller
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to London U.K.
Window A/K seats in row 29 on some 747-400 configurations offer great legroom and easy access to the aisle. It is the second row behind a door; there is no window seat in row 28 due to the size of the emergency slide. This allows you to stretch your legs out as there is no seat in front of you, plus you don’t have to deal with the discomfort of the infamous 31″ economy seat pitch. You have the window and an easy way to get out of your seat and stand up without climbing over passengers.
Lufthansa Economy Class: Airbus A340
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Frankfurt
Row 34 A/B/C and opposite side has plenty of legroom because of the location of the Exit.
Zoom Premium Economy Class: Boeing 767-300ER
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Paris, London U.K., Manchester U.K
Watch the seats at the very front of the aircraft. Although they (theoretically) have a bit more legroom than even the regular Premium Economy seats, people of medium height cannot stretch out their legs because of the proximity to the wall. Also, attendants bang on things in the galley. The noise and vibration from this is directly transmitted via the bulkhead wall. It can be very disconcerting.
Thomas Cook Premium Economy Class: Airbus A330 (2-class configuration)
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to London U.K., Manchester U.K (Seasonal)

Seats 1A and 1B in Premium Economy have a huge space in front, up to the bulkhead. Row 14 in Economy has no window (same as Row 10 in the Emirates A330 with same configuration).

Cathay Pacific
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Hong Kong
Economy Class: Boeing 747-400
In Coach, row 55 (bulkhead) tends to be the roomiest. The bonus of having the bulkhead that serves as a “foot rest” makes a long flight a bit more bearable.
Economy Class: Airbus A330
Row 33 in Economy has no window directly beside the seat. Most window seats seem to have the video box under the seat in front, seriously hampering the legroom so you can’t stretch out your legs. It’s tolerable for a short regional hop but not for a long one.
China Airlines Premium Economy: Boeing 747-400
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Taipai.
Upper Deck  – Row 10 upper deck window seat either side. There is a single crew seat that you can pull down and it makes a great bed.
Air Canada
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Various Destinations
Economy Class – B777-200LR
Row 41 is slightly out of alignment with rows 40 downwards because the fuselage starts to taper, so trolleys often hit 40 C & H. This also impacts the TV and tables for row 41 A/B/C & H/J/K. They are uncomfortably off-centre to the normal sitting position because they are on the back of row 40.
Economy Class – B767-300
On the international Boeing 767-300ER (210/212 seats) emergency exit Row 17 and 18 both offer about 3x the normal legroom.
Economy Class – A330-300
Seats 31 A/C/H/K are good because they are at the emergency exit and have unlimited legroom.
Air Transat Economy Class: Airbus A321
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Various Charter Destinations
Row 25 is the exit row with more than double the leg room of other Y seats
If you can choose your seats, recommend any seats from 25A/B to 30A/B or 25J/K to 30J/K. As the aircraft narrows, it goes from 3 to 2 so the seats are bigger – and you are close to the toilets – 4 of the 5 economy toilets are in this area.
Eva Air Economy Class: Boeing 747-400
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Taipei
Row 35 Seats C/D are right next to a cooling unit in the galley that is noisier than the aircraft engines.
Japan Airlines Economy Class: Boeing 747-400
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Tokyo
Row 77 H/C are aisle seats on the upper deck exit row. They off lots of legroom. Row 77 A/K are window seats in that exit row which are also good since they offer extra storage in the window compartments. Sitting in any of the other rows on the upper deck especially window seats feel somewhat claustrophobic with the tight legroom and narrow seats. On the Main Deck – 51C or 51H exit row by the galley are great for legroom. AVOID 51A and 51K since the bump at the bottom of the exit door seriously cuts reduces your legroom. Note: JAL seats are narrow and the seat cushion is not the most comfortable. I recommend bringing some kind of padding, especially on those longer flights like NRT-JFK.
WestJet Economy Class: Boeing 737-800
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Various Destinations
The best seats for extra legroom are 13A/B/C and 13D/E/F however, they do not recline. If you are traveling as a couple then consider row 14; it offers just two seats on either side instead of 3.  This gives abit of privacy and a little bit of extra legroom but again these seats do not recline. Seats 15A and 15F offer the best extra legroom on the aircraft AND these seats do recline.  They are ideal seats for single travellers.
Singapore Airlines
My Local Airport Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Singapore
Economy Class: Boeing 777-200 (2-class configuration)
I would recommend row 31 as it is at the front of the Economy cabin and it is also adjacent to the exit (which gives ample legroom). The configuration is 2-3-2, therefore the window seats are ideal if traveling with a partner. The toilets are located right in front of you but the flight staff frequently spray sweet-smelling air freshener.
Economy Class: Boeing 777-200
Row 31 is a bassinet row and has extra legroom. However, you run the risk of sitting near babies.
Row 51 is the emergency exit row on this aircraft. If you are unable to obtain the above mentioned seats, seats 52C and 52H do not have seats in front of them so there is extra legroom.
If you would like to sit with just one other person, the two-seaters are 63A/C, 63H/K, 64A/C and 64H/K.
Economy Class: Boeing 747-400
Seats B/C and J/K in row 49. They are the exit seats near the galley but there is no toilet behind them.  The flight staff are very quiet so you won’t be disturbed. They have lots of leg space and you have your personal screen which is even more adjustable to your needs since it is attached to your own seat, not to the one in front of you.