Now Canada’s favourite airline offers service for children travelling alone within Canada. WestJet  has launched a new unaccompanied minor program following feedback from guests encouraging the airline to unveil a service that allows children to travel alone. Effective immediately, children can travel without a parent or guardian. The program is required for children between theContinue reading “WESTJET LAUNCHES UNACCOMPANIED MINOR PROGRAM”

1st Canadian Airline offer Wi-Fi at 30,000ft!

Air Canada has become the first Canadian carrier to offer inflight internet service to its customers. Trial service has begun on the Toronto-Los Angeles and Montreal-Los Angeles routes. The test period will run until January 29, 2010, after which Air Canada will analyze usage and customer feedback to determine whether it will introduce the serviceContinue reading “1st Canadian Airline offer Wi-Fi at 30,000ft!”

How to Avoid the Middle Seat

I started a 3 part series in my travel agency’s October  newsletter with suggestions on what you can do if you get stuck with the middle seat. Today’s blog post is about how to avoid the middle seat on a flight.  – Provide your travel consultant with your seating preference. Most travel agencies will ask clients to fill out a Customer Information / PreferencesContinue reading “How to Avoid the Middle Seat”