The World’s largest cruise ship has arrived!

The World’s largest cruise ship has arrived: This is an exciting time for us travel agent’s,  The World’s largest cruise ship has arrived! Just look at these stats:16-deck, 5,400-capacity, complete with a park-at-sea, zipline, handcrafted carousel and multilevel urban-style loft suites. It also offers seven themed areas and an aquatic amphitheatre that is a pool byContinue reading “The World’s largest cruise ship has arrived!”

Cruising – FAQ’s

Here are responses to common questions about cruising that we often encounter at our travel agency: Q. Can cruise lines accommodate my special dietary requirements? A. Cruise lines can accommodate most special dietary requirement, like low sodium, Kosher, low carbohydrates, etc. Make your request in advance with your Travel Consultant at the time of booking. Q. Will I get seasick? A. This hasContinue reading “Cruising – FAQ’s”