3 Greek Travel Myths that might surprise you!

Consumers warned against independent trips to Greece. 1. Greece is still more expensive for a one-week holiday than Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France and Egypt. 2. Greece ranked as only the 10th cheapest country for a seven-day holiday, including flights. 3.  In a recent pole Greece came out more expensive than even Iceland and Japan. AContinue reading “3 Greek Travel Myths that might surprise you!”

Today’s Travel Snipits.

Today’s Travel Snipits. Visa on arrival in Myanmar   Great news and especially for our travel agency manager, Thant who is Burmese and has family still in the country. Now visitors to Myanmar will be able to purchase their visas upon arrival at international airports in Mandalay and Yangon. Visas will cost 30USD and will beContinue reading “Today’s Travel Snipits.”


THE ULTIMATE  ROMANCE PACKAGE VALENTINE’S DAY 2010 TO SANTORINI February 12-20, 2010 Santorini is a beautiful Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, ideal for a romantic holiday. With lots of beaches,  friendly hotels and great night life! What a perfect way to treat your loved one to a romantic Valentines Day vacation and escape for 8Continue reading “THE ULTIMATE ROMANCE PACKAGE VALENTINE’S DAY 2010”

European Destinations with a Difference

Now that the European seasonal flights are well under way, don’t just set your sights on the capitals and the well known cultural cities but think further afield to the mediterranean hot spots, places like Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Turkey to name but a few. During the summer, Vancouver is connected to the hubContinue reading “European Destinations with a Difference”