Rainbow Travel Blog 20May10

EST 06h00: BA Strike shock for travellers.   THE UK’s Unite Union has won their appeal against a High Court injunction prohibiting British Airways cabin crew members from participating in planned walkouts. The decision by the High Court means that strikes can go ahead as soon as next week. Walkouts by cabin crew members wereContinue reading “Rainbow Travel Blog 20May10”

Ash Alert: Updated airline advisories Friday 23rdApril2010

Ash Alert: Updated airline advisories. Air Canada advises that it plans to operate a full schedule of 40 flights from Canadian cities and the following destinations in Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Rome, as well as Tel Aviv. Some airspace restrictions continue to be in place as a result of the spread ofContinue reading “Ash Alert: Updated airline advisories Friday 23rdApril2010”

Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 13 August 2008

Which is the best airline seat to book? Ever got to the check-in desk and the agent asks you what seat you would like to reserve, what an agonizing question, you probably feel that whichever one you choose is going to be the wrong choice. I feel for you, I have been in that sameContinue reading “Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 13 August 2008”