Your Invitation to Our Caribbean Bobsleigh Bash

Your Invitation to Our Caribbean Bobsleigh Bash   Hosted by Rainbow Travel and Sandals Resorts DATE:             Wednesday February 3rd 2010  TIME:              7:00PM – 9:00PM  LOCATION:    Rainbow Travel, 150 East Broadway (at Main)  RSVP:            Call 604 872 2627 by 5PM Friday, January 29th 2010                        or click here to respond online Rainbow Travel isContinue reading “Your Invitation to Our Caribbean Bobsleigh Bash”

Liverpool – My Home Part 2

Here’s some more information about my hometown of Liverpool, UK that I started in my last blog post. There’s so much history and culture there and I want to share it with all of you. If you’re considering a visit to Liverpool, let me know if you have any questions.  If you’re been there before,Continue reading “Liverpool – My Home Part 2”

Liverpool – My Home Part 1

I often miss my hometown of Liverpool, UK.  Whenever I read travel articles, see a story on the news, or hear about it on the radio, all my memories of home come to mind. So I ‘ve decided to share with you all the recent news about Liverpool.  If you have the chance to visitContinue reading “Liverpool – My Home Part 1”

Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 18 Jan 2009

A380 AIRBUS BARGAIN FLIGHTS TO AUSTRALIA FROM $347.50* EACH WAY Wow!!! What an opportunity to fly on the new A380 Double Decker Airbus. These bargain airfares are being offered on a select number of one way flights from Los Angeles or San Fransisco and travel has to be between 01 May and 31 May 2009.Continue reading “Rainbow Travel Tips & Tidbits 18 Jan 2009”

Rainbow Travel Inc on Facebook

We have created a page on Facebook. Become a fan and we will post a few travel deals once a week on the Wall.  Visit our website, It is updated at least once if not more each week with the latest specials from our suppliers. If you don’t see the destination you’re looking forContinue reading “Rainbow Travel Inc on Facebook”

Cruise Lines

A common question from our clients about cruising is: “If I book my cruise now, and later the price goes down, will I be able to get the lower price?” Unfortunately, this decision to re-ticket at a lower rate is not made by Rainbow Travel Inc. It is made by the cruise line, and we must abide by the cruise line’s policy.