New “Cars Land” opening June 15 in Disneyland expansion.

Great to see a new section of Disneyland called “Cars Land” opening soon with very exciting stuff for car lovers like myself. You will feel like you’ve cruised into the real-life town of Radiator Springs. Here, Lightning McQueen, Mater and other popular Characters from the Disney·Pixar movie Cars are around to welcome you and your family.Continue reading “New “Cars Land” opening June 15 in Disneyland expansion.”

European Destinations with a Difference

Now that the European seasonal flights are well under way, don’t just set your sights on the capitals and the well known cultural cities but think further afield to the mediterranean hot spots, places like Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Turkey to name but a few. During the summer, Vancouver is connected to the hubContinue reading “European Destinations with a Difference”